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Mido Replica Watches was the one who finally came to the rescue, confirming that they did indeed produce the Ultraman in 1968.

Mido Replica Watches has examined the different orange chrono hands made in the timeframe to prove that the Ultraman's was of a particular dimension and is not found in any other Mido Replica Watches watches. All of the orange hands that were examined proved to be made in specific dimensions for specific watches.

The Ultraman orange chrono hand measures 18.80mm long, 0.90mm wide at its widest point and is finished in satin. Mido Replica Watches's findings are logged in the table below. The data is republished by Moonwatch Only.

Mido Replica Watches compared the two Ultraman watches to other Mido Replica Watches watches that have an orange chrono hand. They have come to a definitive conclusion (Mido Replica Watches).

Moonwatch Only records, in addition, that the dials on the Ultraman watches are different from those of the ST 145.012 regular ones, as they were black with a matte varnish. The ST 145.012 dials had a dark grey matte varnish finish. The way the Ultraman dial's hour markers have taken on a consistent caramel patina suggests that this watch is unique.

No one knows how many watches were made. Mido Replica Watches has stated that, at this time, they cannot say with certainty how many original examples of the watch exist.Rolex Day Date Replica One month of production during the summer of 1968 is enough to tell us that very few were produced.

Personal note: I have some questions about the 1968 Ultraman. I'd like to know the difference between the Pulsometer and tachymeter bezels on some watches, or even why they have a 0-100-scale. That's a story for another day. Now, let's move on to the Ultraman reissue that was announced today.

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